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We all know that SEX sells, unfortunately most are not comfortable talking about it.
Do your homework before trying to sell a small business your company’s product.
Luba Sasowski, a successful salon owner and entrepreneur, recommends just that. “If there is one thing a small business owner is always short on, is time.”
Owners of small businesses are constantly barraged with salesmen and women walking into their place of business trying to sell them yet another widget that will help their business to grow. While some of the services and/or goods may be helpful to the business, it’s something that a small business owner needs to consider very carefully.

“Jill from Advantex Marketing came into my business one day in order to sell me CIBC’S rewards program, Aeroplan. Being an Aeroplan customer for over ten years myself, I was intrigued when she made her initial pitch. I asked her why she chose my business, and she told me that her company did a lot of research, and based on my location and many other factors, my business was an ideal candidate for what she had to offer. I spent the time and effort to fill out all the required paperwork to sign up for this rewards program. Then a lot of time went by and I still hadn’t heard anything back from her. I happened to run into her some time later at a Gala that I attended. When I inquired what was going on with getting the program up and running, she responded by telling me that I just had to change a few things about my salon before we could move forward. They didn’t want to do business with my company because of my salon’s tongue-in-cheek sexy way of branding ourselves. They even went so far as asking me to completely change my brand image and my website in order to work with their company.”

Luba and her WAX Hair Removal Bar, with locations in Vancouver and Las Vegas, offer Brazilian and Boyzilian waxes, along with anal bleaching. She and her staff have made a name for their business by using tongue-in-cheek slogans to promote what they do. There are numerous beaver references, as well as silly sayings, like “Make Your Pink Wink” (about their anal bleaching services).
“This is how I have built a successful brand that sticks out from my competitors,” said Luba. “Who is the CIBC (the largest bank in Canada), to tell any small business how to market itself?”

This small business powerhouse is right. How long ago did Herbal Essence launch their campaign of women going into airplane bathrooms and having what seemed to be an orgasm just from one use of a shampoo?
Luba offers the following tips to future salespeople that are looking to approach any small business owner:
• Do your Due Diligence: Before meeting with any small business owner, take a good thirty minutes to look up their website and make sure that there will be no conflict between your company’s policies and theirs.
• Perspective is Key: The best way to really score that sale is to think from the business owner’s perspective. Put yourself in their shoes – if you were the owner, would you want to buy what you are selling? If the answer is no, you should cancel the meeting.
• Time is Precious: The small business owner does not have the luxury of wearing just one hat in their company. They are constantly dealing with employee issues, stock issues, accounting issues, etc. When a sales professional wastes some of that precious time, they are naturally going to be upset.
• Don’t be Afraid to Walk in the Door: The scariest part of making a sales call is the initial “Cold Call”. A sales professional who isn’t afraid of making that in-person meeting is going to score more sales than their other co-workers who just try digital means, such as emails, which can easily be deleted.
About Luba Sasowski
Luba Sasowski is a successful female entrepreneur who owns two WAX Hair Removal Bar salons – one in Las Vegas and the other in Vancouver, Canada. You can view her websites at: and She is also working on franchising her salons internationally, as well as creating her own line of erotic oils for couples.

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