Male Treatments

Custom Treatments
We offer specifically custom made to order treatments for your skin concerns. Dry skin, acne, ageing, skin dullness, rosacea or sensitivity; we will create a custom treatment specifically for you that produces immediate benefits in skin texture, clarity, firmness & radiance.

Bottoms up
You know those annoying little bumps that you feel on your rear that you sometimes try to scratch off? Those are actually called folliculitis, and everyone has them to some degree.

The Ultimate Chest treatment
This special treatment is recommended for acne-prone, or sun damaged skin. It includes a deep cleansing, exfoliation and hair extractions. In some cases a peel may be added so as to achieve maximum results, which is followed by a soothing mask. This treatment is a must for men who wax.

The Ultimate Back treatment
Want to blast away those blackheads, and purify pores while relieving redness with our decongesting, purifying deep pore back treatment.

Quick Fixes
(Add onto any treatment or use as a stand alone service.)

Zap Zits Gone
Do you want to get rid of a pesky blemish? Our high frequency machine destroys the bacteria on contact and delivers an instantly noticeable difference.

Kittens Mittens
You can have smoother, clearer, younger looking hands. Our glycolic hand treatment will also lighten freckles & sunspots.

Instant Eye Fix
Give your eyes that instant lift with a treatment of active organic ingredients! We will exfoliate, hydrate and target dark circles around your eyes, the most sensitive area of your face. Treat all of your eye concerns with this revitalizing treatment using a combination of delicious raspberries, nasberries, cucumbers and wild plums!

Pucker Perfect Lips
You can pout like the celebrities with our all natural lip treatment. A treatment of pineapple enzymes will exfoliate lips, preparing them for the natural peptides of Shea butter and avocado oil. This treatment will stimulate collagen production and add fullness. Finish up with a citrus lip balm giving your lips a sexy sheen and that voluptuous pout!

Toss the Turtlenecks
It is time to leave the turkey necks for thanksgiving! Let us cleanse, tone, treat, mask and massage your concerns away. This treatment gives attention to the area under your chin that is most forgotten and exposed to the daily elements.


Teeth Whitening

Is teeth whitening really safe for salons or spas?
YES! Years of teeth whitening in central offices has proven that it is totally safe. Occasionally, problems such as teeth sensitivity or gum irritation maybe experiences; however these are only temporary.

Teeth How does the whitening treatment work?
First, the impressions of the teeth are taken using a tray filled with a special silicone compound. After shaping the tray for the upper and lower teeth, the whitening gel which contains an active ingredient, hydrogen peroxide and photo-ion are applied to the trays. The tray is inserted into the mouth and left in place for 30 minutes.

How long will it take before my teeth are whiter?
Teeth whitening results often become apparent immediately during the first treatment. Typically, the whitening affect becomes even more pronounced and evident after a second treatment. Teeth will continue to whiten with each treatment until desired results are achieved.

How long does the effect of teeth whitening last?
For most people, the results of teeth whitening are long lasting. Exposure to coffee, tea, tobacco, red wine and other certain stain producing substances are the sources that will eventually darken teeth again over time.

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